Sourcing from some of the finest small family-run farms throughout the United States and Mexico, Redlands Oyster Cult aims to deliver to its customers a wide array of the freshest oysters and fish, most within twenty-four hours of harvesting. Each meal is carefully prepared to pair with a wide assortment of wines, beers and hand-crafted cocktails. Located in Redlands, CA, R-O-C is a neighborhood restaurant and bar that evokes old-world charm while fostering community through food, spirits, and hospitality.




Emanuel Jacobson is embarking on a new venture that seeks to diversify the culinary landscape in the city of Redlands. Pursuing his love for food and community, Jacobson intends to bring something new to the table with his restaurant, Redlands Oyster Cult.  

I have a story to tell, a dish to make, and a human to connect with.
— Emanuel Jacobson